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European Center of Renewable Energy

Mr Joachim Hacker
Phone: +43 3322 9010 850 42
Fax: +43 3322 9010 850 12

The European Center for Renewable Energy (Europäisches Zentrum für Erneuerbare Energie), founded in 1996, serves as central coordinator for the “Model Güssing” project and the numerous sub-tasks involved. EEE headquarters are situated in the “Güssing Technology Center Focusing on Environment Technologies”, which was established in cooperation with the Land (Federal Province) Burgenland. In order to facilitate the dissemination of experience in the field of renewable energy sources, a network including regional, national, and international partners has been founded. A great number of cooperation projects serve to develop sustainable regional concepts for the use of renewable energy sources and to implement concrete projects. The Biomass-Energy-Network rests on five pillars:
  • Demonstration Plants (more than 30 plants around Güssing using various RES-technologies are free for visitors anytime)
  • Research and Development (through the RENET Austria research network)
  • Training and Further Education (a comprehensive programme with events and seminars about innovative technologies and projects)
  • Services (based on the experience in developing energy concepts)
  • Green Energy Tourism (various cultural and sports events, training for green energy tourist guides, etc.)
As a Regional Consultancy Buero (RCB) in the Coach BioEnergy, EEE is willing to bring in its know-how from previous activities and schemes in the field of renewable energies into the new transnational network. Conversely EEE is also interested in gaining know-how from the other participating regions and institutions.
eu-regional-development_01 eu-regional-development_01 This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.